(UN)WORTHY New Single “Forsaken By God” from Upcoming Album “This Present Darkness”

Christian Deathcore duo (UN)WORTHY, from Southern California, is back and ready to rock the metal scene once again with their new album “This Present Darkness”. Following the tremendous success of their album “In The Face Of Death” in 2021 and a string of songs that demonstrated their developing style in 2022, (UN)WORTHY has become a formidable force in the heavy music industry.

With the release of “Where Light Divides” in the spring of 2023 on Rottweiler Records, their most recent album solidified their status as a provider of relentless, bone-crushing metal. To satisfy the appetite of their fan base, (UN)WORTHY has released their most recent song “Forsaken By God” as excitement for their next album grows.

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“Forsaken By God” acts as a visceral prelude to the auditory assault that awaits listeners in “This Present Darkness”. From the first bars, the music captures attention with its violent energy and unwavering intensity. The trademark characteristics of (UN)WORTHY’s sound are on full show, including blazing guitars, thundering breakdowns, and guttural screams that slash through the mix like a blade.

Lyrically, “Forsaken By God” explores the depths of human weakness as well as the eternal hope found in religion. It’s a cathartic trip through the depths of the psyche, set against a soundtrack of unrelenting music that heightens the emotional impact of the story.

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With “Forsaken By God,” listeners may anticipate being on the edge of their seats throughout the auditory assault. (UN)WORTHY demonstrates once more why they are at the forefront of the Christian Deathcore trend with every brutal riff and bone-shaking breakdown. Their ability to combine ferocity with religion in a seamless way is evidence of their skill and commitment, and it resonates with listeners who are looking for both auditory catharsis and spiritual refuge.


As excitement grows for “This Present Darkness”, (UN)WORTHY is pushing the envelope in their genre and blazing a trail that is both inspirational and uncompromising. One thing is clear, though: (UN)WORTHY is ready to soar to new heights and establish themselves as the undisputed leaders of Christian Deathcore, with “Forsaken By God” serving as a portent of things to come. Thus, metalheads, get ready for the impending storm that will hit you.

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