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MetalX: Vote for the Ultimate Type O Negative Anthem!

It’s time, gothic and doom metal enthusiasts, to speak up! Top 10 Type O Negative tracks include hits like “Black No.1” and “Love You to Death”. Choose your best song from the list by voting for it or leave your own recommendation in the comments. Which Type O Negative anthem is the best? Let’s find out! You can vote for 3 songs…

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Type O Negative
Type O Negative

Discovering Gothic Metal’s Masterminds

Whichever song best suits your mood—the eerie tunes of “Christian Woman” or the brooding intensity of “Everything Dies”—you may vote for it. Every song on our selection embodies a different facet of the band’s heritage in gothic and doom metal. Don’t pass up this opportunity to honour the songs that helped establish a genre. Please vote so that you may participate in this thrilling contest!


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One comment

  1. I think there are a lot of great songs missing from this list:

    1. Green Man
    2. My Girlfriends Girlfriend
    3. Cinnamon Girl
    4. Too Late:Frozen
    5. We Hate Everyone
    6. The Profit of Doom
    7. I like Goils
    8. Be My Druidess
    9. Gravity
    10. Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity
    11. Nettie

    Though they have a lot of other phenomenal songs, these have all played a part in their success I believe and showcase their varied career.

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