Album Ranking: Heavy Metal Titans W.A.S.P.

For over four decades, W.A.S.P. has been a heavy metal force. This American powerhouse has left an indelible mark on the genre with their aggressive sound, controversial ideas, and dramatic stage presence. We’ll take a fascinating journey through W.A.S.P.’s library in this blog piece, ranking all of their studio albums in order of musical brilliance, impact, and enduring influence.

15. Unholy Terror

With “Unholy Terror” W.A.S.P. demonstrates their ability to keep their unique sound while incorporating current elements. The title tune and “Charisma” from the album are standouts that fascinate with their intensity.

14. ReIdolized (The Soundtrack to the Crimson Idol) (2018)

“ReIdolized” a reinterpretation of their conceptual masterwork, pours fresh life into “The Crimson Idol”. This collection mixes the original album with bonus tracks and is a beautiful homage to their legendary work.

13. The Neon God – Part 1: The Rise The Neon God – Part 2: The Demise

“The Neon God” is a two-part concept album that portrays the story of a dystopian future through the eyes of a youngster named Jesse. While the premise is fascinating, the albums fall short of W.A.S.P.’s more creative works.

12. Helldorado (1999):

“Helldorado” an underrated yet powerful track, reintroduces W.A.S.P.’s harsh edge. This album, with unforgettable compositions like “Dirty Balls” and “Hell for Eternity” is a hidden treasure in their catalogue.

11. Babylon

While not a bad album, “Babylon” falls to the bottom of the list owing to intense competition from W.A.S.P.’s better offerings. The album showcases the band’s ability to adapt to new musical environments while generating strong pieces such as “Crazy” and “Babylon’s Burning”.

10. Dominator

“Dominator” is a return to the old sound of W.A.S.P., with heavy-hitting tunes and ferocious guitar work. While not groundbreaking, the album demonstrates the band’s unwavering passion and dedication to their heritage.

09. Dying for the World

“Dying for the World” is a touching album about violence and peace. Songs such as “Shadow Man” and “Hallowed Ground” demonstrate the band’s emotional depth and creative talent.

08. Golgotha

“Golgotha” demonstrates W.A.S.P.’s maturity and progress, and is a monument to the band’s tenacity. The album includes emotionally driven pieces such as “Scream” and “Last Runaway”, demonstrating a band that is still capable of producing powerful music.

07. K.F.D.

“K.F.D.” is controversial and adventurous, pushing the boundaries of shock rock. Heavy tunes like “Kill Fuck Die” and “Wasted White Boys” on this album are unrelenting and unrepentant.

06. Still Not Black Enough

“Still Not Black Enough” is an underappreciated gem that demonstrates the band’s musical range and desire to experiment. The album digs into contemplative topics, with songs like “Black Forever” and “Scared to Death” standing out.

05. Inside the Electric Circus

“Inside the Electric Circus” embraces glam metal inspirations and presents a blend of hard-hitting and approachable tunes. “The Big Welcome” and “Shoot from the Hip” are two of the album’s notable tracks.

04. W.A.S.P.

This is the record that began it all! W.A.S.P.’s debut established the tone for their subsequent endeavours, introducing the world to anthems such as “I Wanna Be Somebody” and the contentious “Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)”.

03. The Last Command

Keeping their momentum going, “The Last Command” cemented W.A.S.P.’s status as heavy metal icons. To this day, anthems like “Wild Child” and “Blind in Texas” are fan favourites.

02. The Headless Children

“The Headless Children” is a transitional album for W.A.S.P., with the band delving deeper into topics and showcasing more melodic sensibilities. While the title tune and “The Real Me” stand out, the album lacks the raw fire of their previous work.

01. The Crimson Idol

“The Crimson Idol” is a conceptual masterpiece and one of W.A.S.P.’s most significant works. This emotional rollercoaster chronicles the terrible story of Jonathan, a teenage musician, and includes iconic songs like “Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Mortuary)” and “The Idol”.


W.A.S.P.’s discography is a treasure trove of heavy metal mastery, including a broad range of themes and musical styles. From their revolutionary debut to their sombre and philosophical classics, each record contributes to the band’s long history. Exploring W.A.S.P.’s studio albums is a fantastic journey into the core of true heavy metal, whether you’ve been a fan for a long time or are discovering them for the first time.


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