Mind of Fury

Mind of Fury: Forging Melodic Heavy Metal Excellence

Mind of Fury, a strong melodic heavy metal band, debuted into the music scene in September 2015, and they’ve been making a thundering effect ever since. Gheeyeh, Henry Moreno, and Mike Frankenbush are three gifted musicians whose musical journey is a compelling narrative of disparate backgrounds, common passion, and an unwavering ambition to make excellent music.

A Fusion of Talents:

Gheeyeh, who was born in Santiago, Chile, immigrated to the United States in 2012. His musical path took an interesting turn when he recorded an album with Nick Z. Marino, the great Yngwie Malmsteen’s keyboard player. Gheeyeh’s guitar approach is nothing short of breathtaking, drawing parallels to legendary bands like as Metallica, Pantera, and maestro Yngwie Malmsteen. He’s a master of massive riffs and shredding guitar, and his particular technique serves as the foundation for Mind of Fury’s powerful sound.

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Henry Moreno’s Thrash Heritage:

Henry Moreno, hailing from San Jose, California, has a diverse musical background. He has toured and released songs in the Bay Area thrash metal genre for the past two decades. His powerful rhythm and drumming talents lend depth and strength to the aural environment of Mind of Fury. Moreno’s experience in the metal world adds a new depth to the band.

Mike Frankenbush’s Powerful Rhythm:

Mike Frankenbush, a Chicago native, rounds out the group with his thundering sound. His skill at producing powerful and sophisticated guitar work gives Mind of Fury a dynamic edge. His contribution is evocative of heavy metal powerhouses, which makes him an ideal match for the band.

A Perfect Chemistry:

It was a meeting of musical souls when Gheeyeh, Henry Moreno, and Mike Frankenbush got together in Central Florida. Mind of Fury was developed as a result of their irresistible synergy. Gheeyeh, who is well-known for his instrumental abilities, took on vocal responsibilities, bringing a new element to the band’s dynamic sound.

Debut Album “Do or Die”:

Mind of Fury wasted little time in getting to work. The band composed, recorded, mastered, and published their debut album, “Do or Die”. This album has been dubbed “hard-hitting, melodic heavy metal”, and it stands up to the billing. It demonstrates their ability to create thundering riffs, melodic melodies, and an uncompromising intensity that metal fans will appreciate.

A Promising Future:

Mind of Fury has been dazzling audiences with their spectacular performances since its inception. Their journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, and they are currently working on their second full-length CD, which is set to be released in early 2018.

Social Media and Links:

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Mind of Fury is a testimony to the genre’s lasting potency in an ever-changing world of metal music. This band is surely one to watch in the next years, with their combination of technical proficiency, melodic sensitivities, and a constant enthusiasm for making strong music. Their path exemplifies metal’s lasting force, and they’re ready to make a huge impact on the genre’s environment. So, expect more thundering tunes and exciting performances from Mind of Fury in the future.


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