Lightning Strikes: Nature Steals Spotlight at Metallica’s Munich Show

Mother Nature outshines all with her spectacular pyrotechnics display during Metallica’s concert in Munich amidst a lightning storm!

The start of the newest phase of the metal legends’ M72 tour was electrifying, quite literally, as a sequence of impeccably timed lightning strikes illuminated the stage during “Master Of Puppets”.

Metallica was performing at Munich’s outdoor Olympiastadion on Friday, March 24 when a sudden storm rolled in. Both the band and the crowd had to endure heavy rain throughout the concert, leaving James Hetfield and the rest of the band drenched to the core.

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As fate would have it, the storm had one final surprise up its sleeve. In a dazzling display of nature’s power, lightning bolts illuminated the night sky just as the band launched into their epic finale, “Master Of Puppets” (although it’s worth mentioning that this song isn’t the title track of their second album, “Ride The Lightning“). Thankfully, a few lucky spectators managed to capture this awe-inspiring pyrotechnic spectacle on their mobile devices.

The band’s encore performance at the stadium two nights later was not as eventful weather-wise, but it did bring something special to the stage – the live premiere of Inamorata, the breathtaking 11-minute finale from their critically acclaimed album, 72 Seasons, released last year.

Metallica’s M72 tour is set to rock Europe all summer long, and then they’ll be back to ignite North America in August!

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