Bodyguerra: A Modern Rock Band with a Unique Origin Story

The band chose their name, Bodyguerra, after a Spanish horse named “Body” was misspelled as “Bodeguerra” in the stable’s register. Guido liked the misspelled name and decided to name his band after it. Bodyguerra is a modern rock band known for their heavy and energetic guitar-driven sound.

Daniel “Danji” Perl’s pounding bass and Hanno Kerstan’s forceful drumming accentuate the excellent guitar playing of Guido Stoecker. Ela Sturm has a four-octave range that allows her to sing well in both low and high notes. Her vocals are equally amazing.

Through Dust on the Tracks Records (MIG)/Sony, Bodyguerra published their debut album, “Freddy… nothing as it seems”, in 2013. In addition, they contributed to several other projects, such as the compilation CD “For the Ocean – a Tribute to Sea Shephard” for Bellaphone.

With a tour that took them across Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands in 2018, Bodyguerra had the chance to open for Graham Bonnet and his band. Regretfully, the COVID-19 epidemic forced the cancellation of their 2020 tour with David Reece.

Guido and Ela began creating new songs towards the end of 2019, which resulted in the production of their most recent album, “Fire & Soul”. Along with a unique extra track, the album includes eleven all-new songs with a rocking-bluesy mood. Rolf Munkes co-produced, mixed, and mastered the recording at Empire Studios (Crematory).

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The songs of Bodyguerra are a potent combination of rock and melody. Memorable hooks like “Stay Free” and “Steelheart”. But as the title tune “Fire & Soul” demonstrates, they also draw inspiration from the soul genre. They have a formidable presence on stage because to their especially amazing live performances.

Guido Stoecker’s band BODYGUERRA will be releasing their new studio album this autumn, and we are really excited about this news.

After performing as special guests of the venerable British band The Sweet and with Graham Bonnet (Rainbow / MSG), BODYGUERRA has already created ripples in the music business. As they prepare for the album’s release later this year, the enthusiasm only grows.

Their previous album, “Fire & Soul,” was a global success, reaching number 15 on the official German rock and metal charts in 2021. Their dedicated fan base, the E.O.B.W. (Extra Ordinary Body World), eagerly awaits the next chapter of Body Rock. “Invictus,” the upcoming album, is set to be released worldwide on September 15th, 2023. Is expected to raise the bar for the band.

What sets BODYGUERRA apart is their unique and captivating stage presence, which authentically embodies the essence of rock. From the moment Ela takes the stage with her powerful voice, asking the crowd, “ARE YOU READY TO ROOOOOOOCK?!” they create an electrifying atmosphere that leaves the audience with goosebumps.

The talented members of BODYGUERRA include Ela Sturm on vocals, Guido Stoecker as the founder and guitarist, Robert Brenner on bass, and Jason-Steve Mageney on drums. Get ready for an unforgettable musical experience with BODYGUERRA!


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