Metal Church

From Steel to Sound: The History of Metal Church

Metal Church, a heavy metal band hailing from the United States, came into existence in 1980 under the guidance of the talented guitarist and songwriter, Kurdt Vanderhoof. Originally based in San Francisco, they later made their way to Aberdeen, Washington, where they briefly adopted the name Shrapnel. Throughout the 1980s, Metal Church soared to great heights of fame, with not one, but two of their albums making their mark on the prestigious US Billboard 200 chart.

Metal Church, a 44-year-old band, features a wide line-up of vocalists, guitarists, bassists, and drummers. The group’s most renowned albums are “Metal Church” (1984) and “The Dark” (1986). Vanderhoof and Wayne separated in the 1980s, and Mike Howe and John Marshall took their place. Metal Church’s reputation grew with their 1989 album “Blessing in Disguise”, which included the song “Badlands”. After two more albums with Howe, Metal Church disbands in 1996.

In 1998, they regrouped with a classic lineup and released three albums under Ronny Munroe. They split up in 2009, reunited in 2012, and released “Generation Nothing”. Following Munroe’s departure, lead vocalist Howe rehired in 2015 and recorded two more albums. Howe died in 2021.

Metal Church
Metal Church

Current members

Kurdt Vanderhoof – rhythm guitar, keyboards (1980–1986, 1998–2009, 2012–present)
Steve Unger – bass, backing vocals (2003–2009, 2012–present)
Rick Van Zandt – lead guitar (2008–2009, 2012–present)
Stet Howland – drums, percussion (2017–present)
Marc Lopes – lead vocals (2023–present)

Studio albums

Metal Church (1984)
The Dark (1986)
Blessing in Disguise (1989)
The Human Factor (1991)
Hanging in the Balance (1993)
Masterpeace (1999)
The Weight of the World (2004)
A Light in the Dark (2006)
This Present Wasteland (2008)
Generation Nothing (2013)
XI (2016)
Damned If You Do (2018)
Congregation of Annihilation (2023)


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