Saxons And Vikings

Saxons And Vikings: A Battle of the Ages

The latest music video from AMON AMARTH for their song “Saxons And Vikings”!

This epic clip features none other than Biff Byford from SAXON, lending his powerful vocals to the track. Joining him are his bandmates Paul Quinn and Doug Scarratt, ready to face off against AMON AMARTH’s own Vikings – Olavi Mikkonen, Ted Lundstroem, Johan Soederberg, Johan Hegg, and Jocke Wallgren.

Saxons and Vikings

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It’s a battle of the ages, but who will emerge victorious and who will meet their demise? According to AMON AMARTH’s lead vocalist Johan Hegg, recording this song with the legends from SAXON was an incredible experience. He expresses his gratitude for having them on board and shares that shooting the video together was an absolute blast. Johan believes that the video truly captures the essence of the song, with its epic visuals and thrilling fight scenes.

Biff Byford also chimes in, mentioning that filming the “Saxons And Vikings” video was a lot of fun, and he thinks the song itself is pretty cool. Don’t miss out on this epic collaboration and be prepared for an unforgettable battle!

Saxons And Vikings
Saxons And Vikings

Saxons are:

Biff Byford

Paul Quinn

Doug Scarratt

Nigel Glockler

Nibbs Carter

Amon Amarth are:

Olavi Mikkonen

Ted Lundstroem

Johan Soederberg

Johan Hegg

Jocke Wallgren


Director: Pavel Trebukhin @pashatre

DOP: Vladislav Voronin @voroninvisuals

Producer: Denis Kotegov @dkotegovs


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