White Skull

‘White Skull’ – The Unique Blend of Traditional and Thrash Metal

White Skull is a Italian power/heavy metal band that combines traditional 1980s heavy metal and thrash metal elements. The group’s particular style is defined by a strong rhythmic and solo instrumental component, as well as forceful vocals from both male and female members. The band has been compared to Germans Grave Digger and is known for its guitar-oriented style. They have never abused keyboards and orchestral arrangements, maintaining a full-bodied sound without distorting it. Their main influences are AC/DC and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

White Skull gained popularity in 1991 after recording their first demo tape. Live promotion began and the band released their second demo ‘Save the Planet’ in 1994. They participated in two metal compilations and released their first album “I Won’t Burn Alone” on Italian label Underground Symphony. The band started performing at numerous places, which led to the publication of their second album “Embittered” in 1997. The band continued to tour until 1998 supporting Overkill, appearing at the Italian Gods of Metal festival, and performing alongside UDO.

White Skull released new tracks on the EP “Asgard and CD “Tales from the North” with Chris Boltendahl as a special guest. They supported Grave Digger on the Excalibur Millennium 2000 Tour. The album “Public Glory, Secret Agony” was released in 2000. In 2001 singer Federica “Sister” De Boni left White Skull.

In 2001, White Skull released their album “The Dark Age” set during the inquisition period. The band experienced changes in members, with guitarist Nick Savio leaving and bassists Fabio Pozzato and Fabio Manfroi leaving. The band participated in major festivals and released their sixth album “The XIII Skull”. However, due to singer’s health issues, live activity was suspended. Steve Balocco became the band’s new bassist.

WHITE SKULL – “Hammer On Thin Ice” (Youtube)

The band wrote a new album “The Ring of the Ancients” in 2005, focusing on ancient Celt stories. Dragonheart Records offered a deal and the album was released on October 20th 2006. The press and audience both praised the album’s darker content.

White Skull, a band with a strong female vocal line, reverted to female vocals when frontman Gus Gabarrò quit for business and personal reasons. Elisa “Over” De Palma joined the band and began the promotional tour of “The Ring of the Ancients”. In 2008, bassist Jo Raddi and keyboardist Alessio Lucatti joined the lineup. “Forever Fight” was released in March 2009.

White Skull
White Skull

The White Skull band announced a suspension of live activity until March 2010, with keyboardist Alessio Lucatti leaving due to work issues. In August 2010, the band separated from singer Elisa Over due to artistic and personal incompatibility. Bassist Jo Raddi left in October 2010 stating that the separation was amicable.

Jo Raddi returns as bassist and Federica “Sister” De Boni returns in June 2011 resuming the “Back Sister Tour” and publishing “Under This Flag” and “Will Of The Strong”.

Current members

Tony “Mad” Fontó – rhythm guitar (1988–present)
Alex Mantiero – drums (1988–present)
Federica “Sister” de Boni – lead vocals (1988–2001, 2010–present)
Valentino Francavilla – lead guitar (2019–present)
Gio Raddi – bass (2007–present)
Alessandro Muscio – keyboards (2016-present)


I Won’t Burn Alone (1995)
Embittered (1997)
Tales from the North (1999)
Public Glory, Secret Agony (2000)
The Dark Age (2002)
The XIII Skull (2004)
The Ring of the Ancient (2006)
Forever Fight (2009)
Under This Flag (2012)
Will of the Strong (2017)
Metal Never Rusts (2022)

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