Life Is Killing Me

Top Tracks: “Life Is Killing Me” – Type O Negative

“Life Is Killing Me” is Type O Negative’s sixth studio album, released in 2003. It explores frontman Peter Steele’s dissatisfaction with life and mental illness with lyrics addressing relationship issues and his parents’ illness.

Top Tracks: Life Is Killing Me - Type O Negative

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“Life Is Killing Me” was recorded at Systems Two Recording Studio in Brooklyn, New York using a custom Fernandes Tremor bass guitar. The band’s last album used programmed drums with “Dead Again” featuring only studio drums.

Steele’s album “The Dream Is Dead” was inspired by his midlife crisis and the loss of loved ones. The title was originally “The Dream Is Dead”. The album features covers of Hedwig and the “Angry Inch” and The Munsters’ “Thir13teen”.

Billboard praised Steele’s record for its themes of infidelity, death and depression. The album features songs about Steele’s father, political correctness and his frustration with homosexual advances. The title track references his father’s death, while “Nettie” is about his mother. Despite its bleak lyrical content, the album is described as the most uplifting of their career.

Life Is Killing Me

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“Life Is Killing Me” a 2003 album by Steele, was leaked online, causing controversy among keyboard player Josh Silver. The album reached No. 39 on the US Billboard 200 chart and was well-received by music critics. The song “(We Were) Electrocute” was featured on the “Freddy vs. Jason” soundtrack.

Type O Negative

Peter Steele – lead vocals, bass guitar, additional electric guitar and keyboards
Kenny Hickey – backing vocals, co-lead vocals, electric guitar
Josh Silver – backing vocals, keyboards, sound effects, drum programming
Johnny Kelly – backing vocals, drums, percussion

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