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Top Tracks: Iced Earth “Horror Show” – A Symphony of Frights

Iced Earth’s “Horror Show” is a voyage through the murky hallways of classic horror, combining heavy metal with the creepy legacy of timeless stories. This concept album, which debuted in 2001, draws influence from renowned monsters and dark mythology. Each track was deliberately designed to evoke the sense of its ominous inspiration.

Top Tracks: Horror Show - Iced Earth

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Track-by-Track Breakdown


Opening with a howl “Wolf” is a persistent and powerful tribute to the legendary “Wolf Man” flicks. The violent guitars, along with Matt Barlow’s vocals, effectively capture the werewolf’s primordial wrath and heartbreaking humanity. It sets the tone for the terrifying adventure ahead.


“Damien” is a grim and sombre epic inspired by the “The Omen” trilogy. The haunting melodies and unsettling lyrics investigate the dark prophesy and destructive fate of the antichrist. This tune creates a tense atmosphere with thunderous drums and frightening guitar work.


“Jack” transports viewers to the dark streets of Victorian London, bringing Jack the Ripper’s legend to life. The song’s frantic tempo and cutting melodies capture the chaos and terror brought on by the infamous serial killer. It’s a graphic story of his heinous deeds told at a breakneck speed.

“Ghost of Freedom”

Departing from the supernatural “Ghost of Freedom” is a poignant tribute to the sacrifices made for independence. Inspired by personal contemplation, this song includes Barlow’s beautiful vocals and Jon Schaffer’s expressive guitar work. Offering a moment of introspective calm among the album’s harsher themes.

“Im-Ho-Tep (Pharaoh’s Curse)”

Stepping into the sands of ancient Egypt “Im-Ho-Tep” draws from the lore of “The Mummy”. The track’s exotic scales and rhythmic cadences evoke the mystique and dread of the cursed pharaoh. It’s a captivating blend of historical grandeur and supernatural horror.

“Jekyll & Hyde”

As stark as its namesake “Jekyll & Hyde” portrays the inward struggle between good and evil. The song varies between mellow, introspective sections and violent, aggressive outbursts portraying the conflict between Mr. Hyde’s unbridled violence and Dr. Jekyll’s struggle.

“Dragon’s Child”

Drawing inspiration from “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, “Dragon’s Child” delves into the shadowy realm of terrifying folklore. The guitar riffs with an aquatic theme and the slithering bass lines create a haunting image of the creature’s hostile presence and its ancient habitat.

“Transylvania” (Iron Maiden cover)

This instrumental version of Iron Maiden’s hit song pays homage to the early pioneers of the genre. The performance by Iced Earth is both energetic and respectful, showcasing their technical skill and strong heavy metal heritage. It acts as a melancholic bridge between the grim themes of the record.


“Frankenstein” explodes into life, a weighty, deliberate tribute to Mary Shelley’s invention. The song’s ponderous beat and electric solos reflect the creature’s strong yet terrible life. It’s a sound representation of the monstrous and melancholy.


As expected from a gothic epic “Dracula” is a gloomy, magnificent tale. The music captures the spirit of the perpetual night stalker with its ambient components and dark melodies that dive into the terror and appeal of the vampiric tale.

“The Phantom Opera Ghost”

The CD ends with “The Phantom Opera Ghost” a grand story that draws inspiration from “The Phantom of the Opera”. With an operatic intensity, Barlow and guest vocalist Yunhui Percifield weave a narrative of infatuation and sorrow via their dynamic interplay.

Final Thoughts

“Horror Show” is proof of Iced Earth’s capacity to combine dramatic songwriting with narrative storytelling. With complex musicianship and striking lyrical imagery, each track delves deeply into the mind of the corresponding horror tale. This album stands out in Iced Earth’s impressive career because it is an exciting journey into the darkest corners of classic horror for aficionados of both metal and the macabre.

Horror Show

Iced Earth

Matt Barlow – vocals
Jon Schaffer – rhythm, lead and acoustic guitar, mandolin, keyboards, vocal
Larry Tarnowski – guitar solos in all songs except “Ghost of Freedom”
Richard Christy – drums
Steve Di Giorgio – bass guitar (studio recording only)

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