Roxy Petrucci

Roxy Petrucci: Drumming Through Decades with Power and Passion

Roxy Petrucci is best known for her work with the heavy metal bands Madam X and Vixen. Petrucci and her sister, Maxine Petrucci, first formed Madam X with vocalist Bret Kaiser and Chris Doliber. She left Madam X to join Vixen in 1986 and stayed until 1991. Roxy rejoined Vixen in 1997, but the lineup was dissolved due to legal reasons.

Roxy Petrucci’s drumming has a lasting effect in hard rock and heavy metal. From her early days with Madam X to the gold-selling triumph of Vixen, she has performed in front of large crowds and collaborated with great musicians. Roxy’s forceful but fluid style reflects her passion and expertise.

She was raised in Michigan by a musical Italian family and became interested in drumming at the age of 14. Influenced by legends such as Karen Carpenter and John Bonham. Despite her excellent clarinet skills, her heart belonged to rock ‘n’ roll. After a brief stay in college, she decided to pursue a career as a rockstar, joining Madam X and then Vixen, where she rose to international prominence.

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Between Vixen’s break and rebirth, Roxy continued to make her impact on the music industry. Notably, she got the “Legends Award” at the Cape Breton International Drum Festival and co-founded initiatives such as VIP Aftershow with her sister Maxine. Vixen’s reappearance in 2017 with “Red” cemented Roxy’s place in rock history.

Roxy reflects on her journey, noting the long path she has travelled, while she continues to play the drums with the same ferocity and enthusiasm. Nonetheless, her passion of music keeps her going, demonstrating that she’s still playing since it seems like she’s only getting started.

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Roxy Petrucci
Roxy Petrucci

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